Sewing Machines price in Nigeria

The most expensive textile sewing machine costs 596,000 while the cheapest costs 3,488 naira. The average price of sewing machines in Nigeria is 137,202 as in June 2024.

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Showing 1–28 of 52 results

Sewing machine price list

Sewing machines are mechanical or computerized devices used to stitch fabrics together quickly and efficiently. They consist of a needle, bobbin, and various mechanisms for controlling stitch type, length, and tension. Basic sewing machines offer straight and zigzag stitches, while more advanced models provide a wide array of decorative and specialty stitches.

Sewing Machines Prices
Butterfly Electric Portable Sewing Machine₦145,000
Industrial Straight Sewing Machine- Citizen₦596,000
Butterfly Portable Electric Sewing Machine₦200,000
Butterfly Sewing Machine – Automatic And Manual₦189,000
Butterfly Sewing Machine₦220,000
Portable Hand Held Sewing Machine With Sewing…₦12,000
Butterfly Domestic Sewing Machine Head – JA2-1₦196,999
Butterfly Sewing Machine (Manual)₦218,000
Butterfly Sewing Machine Head₦141,000
Butterfly JH-8190 Butterfly Domestic Sewing Machine₦255,999

They come with features like adjustable speed control, automatic threading, and built-in buttonhole functions. Industrial sewing machines are designed for heavy-duty tasks and can handle thicker fabrics and multiple layers with ease. Computerized sewing machines offer programmable stitch patterns and often include LCD screens for easy navigation. Additionally, overlock machines, also known as sergers, are used for finishing edges and creating professional-looking seams. Whether for hobbyists or professionals, sewing machines are versatile tools that streamline the sewing process and enable the creation of garments, quilts, and other textile projects with precision and speed.