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We have 23 tailor scissors from best Nigerian stores, the most expensive dressmaking scissors costs 58,140 while the cheapest costs 6,939 naira. The average price of sewing scissors in Nigeria is 25,115 as in June 2024.

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Showing all 23 results

Sewing scissors price list

Tailor scissors (sometimes called fabric shears) are essential tools in the craft of tailoring, designed for precision cutting of fabric. They are typically larger than regular scissors, with long blades that enable smooth, accurate cuts across various types of fabric. Tailor scissors often have one sharp blade and one blunt blade, allowing them to slice through fabric without causing it to fray or bunch up.

Tailors Scissors Prices
Glasses Shape Tailor Shears Sewing Portable Folding…₦15,300
4PCS Pro Stainless Dressmaking Tailor Shears Zig…₦47,800
Cloth Stainless Steel Pro Tailor Sew Dressmaking…₦17,500
Black Triangle Tailor Scissors Handmade Lace Arc…₦33,020
12 Inches Sewing Scissors/Tailor Scissors/ Fabric/Leather Scissors₦10,500
Rotary Cutter For Fabric Card Paper Sewing…₦32,900
Pinking Shears Arcgear Scissors Sewing Craft Upholstery…₦58,140
2PCS Pro Stainless Dressmaking Tailor Shears Zig…₦27,488
1X Carbon Steel Fabric Tailor Scissors Thread…₦39,900
Usb Stick 128gb Pendrive 256gb Usb Flash…₦25,500

The ergonomic design of tailor scissors provides comfort during prolonged use, reducing hand fatigue. High-quality tailor scissors are made from durable materials like stainless steel, ensuring longevity and maintaining sharpness over time. Tailors rely on these specialized scissors to execute intricate patterns, make clean cuts, and bring their designs to life with finesse and accuracy.