Hair Washing Basin price in Nigeria

The most expensive washing hair basin costs 910,000 while the cheapest costs 7,797 naira. The average price of hair washing basins in Nigeria is 119,580 as in June 2024.

Hair Washing Basin
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Showing all 10 results

Hair washing basin price list

A hair washing basin is a specialized sink designed for washing hair, often used in salons, barber shops, and for home care of individuals with limited mobility. It features a contoured design to comfortably support the neck and head, allowing water to drain efficiently. Some models are portable and can be used with a chair or bed, making them ideal for bedridden patients.

Hair Washing Basin Prices
Portable Travel Inflatable Blow Basin Hair Washing…₦52,634
Portable Hair Backwash Washing Tray For Home…₦24,935
Wash Basin For Baby Frog Pink₦7,797
Salon Spa Hair Beauty Washing Sink Cushion…₦17,268
Mobile Hair Wash Basin₦22,000
Inflatable Shampoo Trays With Tube Inflator Pump…₦34,844
Hair Wash Basin With Towel₦28,500
Foldable Shampoo Basin With Drainage Pipe₦26,900
Portable Travel Inflatable Blow Basin Hair Washing…₦70,920
STYLISH Washing Hair Basin( Pure Leather)₦910,000

These basins typically include an adjustable height feature and a hose or spray nozzle for ease of use. The materials used are usually durable and easy to clean, like plastic or stainless steel. Hair washing basins improve convenience and hygiene, providing a practical solution for thorough hair cleaning in various settings.