Best Gas Burner price in Nigeria

The most expensive gas burner for stoves costs 225,500 while the cheapest costs 13,500 naira. The average price of cooking gas burner in Nigeria is 43,027 as in June 2024.

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Showing all 28 results

Gas burner price list

Gas burners are devices used in various applications such as cooking, heating, and industrial processes. They operate by mixing gas fuel with air to produce a controlled flame. Gas burners are valued for their efficiency, ease of control, and rapid heating capabilities. They can be found in household stoves, furnaces, and commercial kitchens.

Gas Burner Prices
Glass Table Top Double Burner Gas Cooker…₦32,500
2 Burner Low Gas Consumption- Auto Ignition…₦28,999
LG Glass Thick Table Top Double Burner…₦36,500
JD SMP Toughened Tabletop Glass Double Burner₦31,000
2 Burners Low Gas Consumption- Auto Ignition…₦38,500
Maxi 60*60 4 Gas Standing Cooker₦225,500
3 Face Rashnik Auto Ignition Non Stick…₦37,000
LG Table Top Double Burner Gas Cooker…₦25,000
Sonik 2 Burners Low Gas Consumption Auto…₦28,798

Key components include a burner head, where the gas and air mix, and ignition systems that can be manual or automatic. Different types of gas burners include natural gas and propane burners, each suited to specific needs and fuel availability. Safety features, such as flame failure devices, are crucial to prevent gas leaks and potential hazards. Overall, gas burners are essential for many daily activities and industrial operations, offering a reliable and adjustable heat source.