Brazilian Hair Wig price in Nigeria

The most expensive Brazilian hair wig costs 95,320 while the cheapest costs 134,922 naira. The average price of Brazilian hair wigs in Nigeria is 142,652 as in June 2024.

Brazilian Hair Wigs
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Showing all 26 results

Brazilian hair price list

Brazilian hair wigs are renowned for their luxurious quality and versatility. Sourced from donors in Brazil, these wigs boast softness, strength, and natural shine, making them highly desirable in the world of hair extensions. Typically made from 100% human hair, they offer a realistic appearance, blending seamlessly with natural hair. Brazilian hair wigs come in various styles, textures, and lengths, catering to diverse preferences and ethnicities.

Brazilian Hair Wigs Prices
Snoilite Brazilian Body Wave Bundle Unprocessed₦67,920
Brazilian Remy Kinky Curls With Frontal –…₦53,820
Oylove Kabadu Brazilian Afro Kinky Curly Clip…₦95,320
Deep Curly Hair Bundles 10A Brazilian 3…₦253,282
X-TRESS Burgundy Red Brazilian Remy Bundles With₦363,558
Brazilian Remy Straight Hair With Frontal₦42,320
U Part Wig Brazilian Deep Wave Wigs…₦139,989
Brazilian Hair Straight 3 Bundles With Closure…₦160,000
MAGVIILA Hair Short Straight Bob Wigs Brazilian…₦197,108
12A Brazilian Virgin Hair Bundles Deep Wave…₦197,108

Their durability allows for frequent styling and coloring, providing wearers with endless possibilities for self-expression. Whether for fashion, medical reasons, or convenience, Brazilian hair wigs offer confidence and elegance to those who wear them.