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We are Coprices.ng (formally coprices.com), a digital marketing startup in Nigeria and we are committed to providing you with price information needed for your personal day to day decision making as you buy and sell online or even offline. As an online marketer, our sole aim is not just to make money, rather we are passionate and interested in seeing you buy the products and services of your choice at affordable prices and from the best stores in Nigeria.

The name Coprices simply means company prices. The word is used to denote the aggregated prices of goods offered by various manufacturing and retail companies online today.

How do we operate?

We achieve our purpose by presenting to you assorted goods and services (products) of same category from best online stores and retailers in Nigeria for you to choose from – this process will not just give you a fulfilled shopping experience, but will also present you with the best deals from retailers across board.

Imagine having to explore, compare and contrast varying products of interest to you? The experience is indeed thrilling and we are more than happy to serve you just that. Although we try our best to list same kind of products per category, we do recognise that human errors may occur and for the damages you may incur, you might want to read our terms of use.

Currently, we do not sell any of the products you see on this site. They are all marketed affiliate products from the best online stores in Nigeria. Yes, we list from only the best and this is determined by user engagement, online traffic, affiliate opportunities, and offline presence.

How you can contact us

Coprices have a robust support system in place just for you. Although we have designed and packaged the site in such a way that our customers can easily interact with us (our website) without issues, we do recognise that there are certain business conditions you might want to reach out to us.

In that case and as a transparent online business that we are, you can Contact Us Here and rest assured that your submission will be attended to with utmost priority.

About the founder

Nnamdi Benedict - JayBliss
Coprices was founded by Nnamdi Benedict Okara, an internet enthusiast who loves meeting like minds, listening to music and exploring ideas & places. The .NG version you are viewing was founded in January 31, 2024 by him to give buyers price information for personal bargaining purposes.

He is also the founder of Pricedsales.com and co-founded betaprices.com with his elder brothers, Odinaka & Chibuzor Okara. Feel free to link me up on any of our social media platforms made available to you.

We are hoping that after reading our about us page, you are satisfied and confident to freely interact, browse and do business with us. Thank you for reading.

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